Friday, December 06, 2013

Brrr...Its cold out here!

The 20s are really cold. I just went downstairs to check the mail and it was really cold. I found a way to stay warm. I wear my long ultra light down coat from uniqlo and it helps a lot. I could also wear my robe. This just happens to be lighter. This is my winter coat.

I am glad that I live on the third floor. First Floor felt cold as I was walking down to check the mail. It's already friday. I am behind on my blogging. The holidays really took up my time. It was just myself and Frank. We had roast chicken instead of a turkey. Made some mashed potatoes, jalapeno cranberry sauce, and green beans. A simple meal for two. We had left overs for days which was nice. When we went shopping on Black Friday, I brought a sandwich made from left overs, it was delicious.

Our Thanksgiving meal.

What I did with the left overs. Made a sandwich with chicken, apples and jalapeno cranberry sauce.

We are such fatties, we ate dessert first on Thanksgiving. I made the apple pie in the morning and Frank couldn't resist. Apple Pie is my favorite baked pie. I used a Flaky pie crust. I will blog about that in the future.

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Cindy said...

I wish I lived with you guys. I am just in love with all the food that you make and post. You are one talented lady. =)