Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yesterday, I woke up early to make my husband his oatmeal shake.  He had to go to work early so I rose much earlier than usual.

I decided to make some bread that way when he comes home for lunch, we'll have fresh honey oat bread.  Sadly, it took forever for my bread to proof and took much longer than expected.  In between all that, I watched a bunch of korean dramas and made some matcha macarons.  After making the bread, I made another batch of macarons; this time black lychee.

I was testing out a new recipes. I am not in love with the recipe and think it needs some tweaking.  It still turned out, but my shell could be better.  The frill came out pretty well though.  I will probably play around with some more recipes.  While I was making the buttercream, Frank was so funny and kept doing sit ups in preparation for his macaron consumption. His a darling to have around and loves getting in on the action while I am cooking/baking.

Monday, April 14, 2014


My back is killing me.  The lower portion!  It's really stiff and makes it hard to stand up.  I did some yoga yesterday.  I don't think that's what threw it out.  I think it was from being crushed and the fluctuating weather.

Saturday was very pleasant aside from the winds.  Sunday got really cold.  And today it continues to be a bit chilly.  I have had a productive Monday thus far.  Laundry check, cleaned the bathrooms check.

I am now in the process of applying for licensure in Illinois so I can start practicing out here.  I am just waiting to get some supporting documents back and then I can send out the application.

For now, I need to buckle down and plan Sophia's wedding.  And random things here and there.  Let's hope I can make some head way this week.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


For the past few weeks, I been stressing.  Today, I can breathe a sigh of relief.