Monday, October 13, 2014

Sugar and Spice makes everything nice!

Have you ever heard of the saying, "Sugar & Spice make everything nice"?  That thought came across my mind while I was showering.  I feel like I get great ideas in the shower.  Does that happen to you too?

I'll admit, I do enjoy something sweet here and there.  But not overbearingly sweet.  We were around O'hare this weekend and while there, we went to the Lindt outlet store.  I probably spent more than I should have on chocolate.  But check out my bounty!
I like to enjoy a little treat here and there.  My favorites are something with hazelnut or white chocolate crisp.  I also like sea salt which I usually get at Ghirardelli.  Belgium chocolates are also very delicious.  As you can see, I do enjoy chocolates.  Unless it is chocolate ice cream.

Indian food uses a lot of spices.  I recently made Chicken Makhani, also known more commonly as Butter Chicken.  All these spices combine together make a very delicious aromatic meal.  I had leftovers yesterday and the aroma of that sauce was so divine.
Chicken Makhani
I enjoy making Indian food because it is a learning experience for me.  I quite enjoy Indian cuisine so to be able to make it at home is rewarding.  I also make my own spices because I like knowing what goes into things.  Making these dishes from scratch can be time consuming but its worth it once you take that first bite.  

So these are why sugar and spice make everything nice.  Happy Monday!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I've got an hour to kill before I head out to work.  Instead of using that time to watch videos on youtube, I thought, why not blog.  I'll got a ton of stuff to blog about too (recipes, festivals, updates, etc.)  I've been taking advantage of the warmer fall days and going out to festivals and such.  This past weekend was gloriously warm. Sadly, I think those days are now behind us.  The days are getting shorter and it is getting dark earlier.

It's the end of September.  I feel like this has been a long month.  That means I did a lot.

The leaves are already starting to change colors and even started to fall.  Last year, this came pretty late. It sure does worry me because I am not ready to brave the cold winter.  I hope Autumn will linger around longer.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Things are so much brighter these days!

These were some of the eye drops I used after having PRK done (picture below).  I wore those blue things to sleep for the first 5 days after surgery.  And those lovely solar shields whenever I went out. I just recently started wearing my regular sunglasses again.  It's been about a month now and my right eye is 20/20; my left still has some acellular cells that need to slough off.  It's not quite 20/20 yet, but totally functional.  I have my next appointment in 2 weeks or so.  
I got to admit, things appear much brighter now than they did before.  Like the sun seems so much shinier.  Makes me think if I was in the dark all this time.