Friday, May 02, 2014

May beginnings

Yesterday I was doing a headstand during yoga and I strained my neck pretty bad.  It must be a recurring pain because it is 10 times worse now and has spread along my back/spine area.  I did not take any anti inflammatory meds today and it is very uncomfortable.  I did however use those neck heat pads which helped for the most part of the day until now.

Tomorrow, I have a lot going on.  Frank and I are volunteering at this Health Fair sponsored by the Church we have been attending for the past few weeks.  Then we have  field trip with the Citizen School students.  We are taking them to a local comic book store for Free Comic Book Day.  Then the real fun begins when we pick up our friends at the airport.

I been slacking a bit on my blog these days.  However, I have spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen. I have been experimenting a lot with macaron recipes, buttercream and ganache fillings.  I made some cakes and crepes.  Today, I made some bread.  I must admit, homemade bread is so much more delicious than store bought bread.  If you have the time and patience, I would highly recommend making your own bread.
Honey Oat Bread
Other things that I have been up to include submitting my application for licensure to practice dental hygiene out here.  Once I get that, I will look for a part time job.  It has been really nice not working. It has allowed me to adjust to my new environment favorably.  I have had ample time to cook, bake, and explore the city.  I am thankful that I am able to live this lifestyle thanks to my other half.  It will be nice to start working though and ease into the working world again.

This week I got a special package in the mail.  My cousin is super creative.  This is what she sent me.
The birth announcement of their beautiful daughter, Ava, a wand, and a polaroid asking me to be her fairy godmother.  How cute is that?  
I can't wait to visit her in Seattle.  When she get older, we'll definitely be going to tea.  

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Anonymous said...

Aww.. that is super cute! By the way, you're quite the baker! I wish I had your skills :)